Tenant Representation

Our team has extensive experience representing tenants, as well as landlords, in the lease, sale, and management of real estate assets. This gives our brokers a competitive advantage in representing tenants as we are able to leverage our in-depth understanding of the entire transaction to produce the most favorable outcomes for our clients.

In addition to negotiating the most advantageous tenant terms, our team analyzes and executes the remainder of the transaction, including:

  • Coordination with finance & accounting to ensure the negotiated transaction is consistent with how expenses and incentives will be realized in company financials
  • Coordination with in-house & outside counsel to negotiate lease & work letter that will bind the company to capital expenditures by the landlord and/or tenant
  • Management & oversight of construction to ensure that the negotiated lease is enforced

While most companies execute a lease transaction every three to five years, ProVenture provides its clients the expertise and experience created by the hundreds of leases executed by our team.

Site Selection

Opening a new facility is often a risky and expensive proposition for any organization. Our team mediates this risk by employing complex analytical tools and proven data sources to evaluate the suitability of all aspects of a potential site. We work with building owners and local economic development officials to ensure comprehensive research and unbiased reporting.

Some aspects of our process includes:

  • Complex Multi-Market Incentives Negotiation
  • Cost / Quality of Living Analysis
  • Exit Strategy Alternatives Analysis
  • Financial Analysis (Lease vs. Own)
  • In-Depth Labor Study
  • Site Feasibility Analysis
  • Transportation / Network Analysis
  • Utilities / Infrastructure Comparison
Lease Administration

Our lease administration team works to relieve the burden of administration from our clients. Our experts take on all lease administration responsibilities and reporting, including:

  • CAM / OpEx Audits & Reconciliations
  • Core vs Non-Core Facility Analysis
  • CRE & Business Unit Alignment
  • FASB/IASB Alignment
  • Flexibility & Suitability Analysis
  • In-Depth Energy Audits
  • Labor & Logistics Cost Effectiveness Reports
  • Major Market Concentration Master Plans
  • Operating Costs “Red Flag” Reports
  • Reports for Capital Projections
  • “Right of Use” Modeling
  • Track Key Dates – Options, Rights, Notices
  • Tax Assessment Audits
  • Verification of Rent Inducements / Allowances

These efforts give our clients added assurance and risk mitigation, establish company-specific metrics, standardize operating divisions, and verify key data and costs. This works to create significant cost savings for our clients.

Logistics Consulting

Our industrial focus, extensive real estate experience, and partnership with top industrial engineers, project managers and WMS implementation experts allow us to provide best-in-class logistics consulting. Our Logistics Practice Group helps clients develop a more comprehensive approach to controlling occupancy costs, taking into account operational efficiencies, lease costs, labor benefits and risks, economic incentives and transportation costs. By incorporating the following services, we can often uncover solutions not initially evident – resulting in increased distribution efficiencies and lower operating costs:

  • Construction Management
  • Labor Analysis
  • Material Handling and Warehouse Design
  • Network Optimization Analysis
  • Project Management and Move Coordination
  • WMS Design and Implementation
Incentives Practice

Our Incentives Practice Group focuses exclusively on negotiating business and economic incentives on behalf of our clients. We provide comprehensive tax and incentive analysis on a market-by-market basis, presenting our clients with vital information necessary to choose where to locate a new facility, resulting in savings through lowered start-up costs and reduced operating expenses over the life of the project. We have project experience in all 50 states and routinely handle a full range of complex negotiations with municipal, county, state and federal government agencies and financial institutions. Some of our targeted incentives include:

  • Competition Restrictions
  • Discretionary Cash Grants
  • Employee Relocation Assistance
  • Fast Track Permitting
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Job Training Grants/Assistance
  • Letter Rulings
  • Property Tax Abatement
  • Sales & Use Tax Exemptions
  • Site Development Assistance
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Temporary Building Space
  • Utility Rate Reductions
  • Withholding Tax Credits
Asset Services

Our brokers represent a wide array of institutional real estate owners in the lease, management, and sale of their bulk industrial properties. Our local market knowledge and understanding of the needs of industrial users of real estate position us to provide maximum exposure for our leasing clients. Our years of combined experience give us the ability to handle any owner’s leasing challenges and ensure successful transactions on behalf of our clients.

While many property management firms manage their properties reactively, we take a proactive approach, focusing on creating long term value for our clients. This methodology allows our property management experts to increase efficiency and maximize returns through responsiveness to tenants, timely reporting and accounting, and high tenant retention rates.

When purchasing or selling an asset on behalf of a client, our team focuses on providing excellent investment advice. We stay abreast of the latest market research, sales transaction information and data on emerging capital sources. In addition, we constantly update our database of regional, national and international investors. The combination of these two resources benefits our clients by ensuring abundant access to vital market insights.

All of our services, including strategic consulting, marketing, lease negotiation, financial analysis, and overseeing building improvements, are delivered as part of an integrated service package with the goal of maximizing the value of the asset.