One of the world’s largest and fastest growing clothing retailers, Sweden‐based H&M is the pioneer of “fast fashion”: premium design, affordable, and aimed at mainstream consumers. With nearly US $19B in global sales, the company operates over 2,300 stores in 41 countries and employees over 88,000.

Project Details

H&M Plainfield, Illinois 405,000 SF


  • Site Selection
  • Advisory Services
  • The Challenge

    Though H&M had been an established global name for years and had successfully penetrated the US retail market, the most significant area for growth – US internet (e‐commerce) sales – was untapped. H&M needed to establish their first e-commerce fulfillment presence in the US.

    Our Strategy

    The company needed site selection, implementation and operating expertise so they looked to ProVenture and a third party fulfillment operator to assist. The rapid growth of the United States client base required immediate capacity and a quick time frame for facility procurement.

    The Results

    ProVenture presented H&M with finalist properties in 3 states, along with competing incentive packages. Additionally, ProVenture provided a custom-tailor, transferable incentives package, as well as negotiated Refundable EDGE tax credits, a Local Training Grant and Personal Property Tax Abatement dollars.