Discover requirements, Identify options, Negotiate economics, Analyze scenarios, Execute.

The Discover and Identify phases incorporate various aspects of Site Selection and are crucial to a successful transaction. Failure in these phases will reduce or even eliminate the benefits realized in the remaining phases.

The Negotiate phase is very important and is all about leverage created through expertise. There are three components of every lease negotiation: a landlord, a tenant and market dynamics. Maximum leverage is achieved when the goals of both the tenant and landlord are fully understood in the context of the market. Our experience not only representing tenants, but also representing landlords in the leasing, sale and management of their assets creates in-depth understanding of the entire transaction.

While the negotiation of business terms is important and the most quantifiable part of the transaction, it is just the beginning. The Analyze and Execute phases involve the following:

  • Coordination with finance and accounting to ensure the negotiated transaction is most consistent with how the expenses and incentives will be realized in company financials.
  • Coordination with in-house and outside counsel to negotiate a lease that will bind the company to millions of dollars and commence hundreds of thousands of dollars of capital expenditures by the landlord, tenant or both.
  • Management and oversight of construction to ensure that the negotiated lease is enforced

While most companies execute a lease transaction every three to five years, ProVenture provides its clients the expertise and experience created by the hundreds of leases executed by our team.