ProVenture’s Incentives Practice Group focuses solely on negotiating business and economic incentives on behalf of its clients.
Incentives available to attract companies vary significantly nationwide. ProVenture’s Incentives Practice Group provides clients with comprehensive tax and incentive analysis on a market-by-market basis. In choosing where to locate a new facility, the benefits offered through tax and other incentives can play a critical role in making sound financial decisions. We have project experience in all 50 states and routinely handle a full range of complex negotiations with municipal, county, state and federal government agencies and financial institutions.


Many companies do not realize that their site selection project may be eligible for varying levels of incentives depending largely upon the headcount and capital investment associated with the project. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of state and local governments, we can identify, analyze, negotiate, and implement an incentives program to maximize the financial savings associated with the expansion, relocation, and/or consolidation of corporate real estate facilities. These savings are often realized through lowered start-up costs and reduced operating expenses over the life of the project.


  • Discovery – Understand site selection requirement based on project goals and objectives.
  • Research & Strategy – Implement findings of discovery to narrow search and create P&L incentive value analysis. Issue Incentives RFP.
  • Negotiation & Approvals – Work with state and local officials to develop incentive package and memorialize it via Development Agreement.
  • Documentation & Implementation – Assist client with initial applications and subsequent compliance related items.


  • Discretionary Cash Grants
  • Sales & Use Tax Exemptions
  • Job Training Grants/Assistance
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Competition Restrictions
  • Employee Relocation Assistance
  • Fast Track Permitting
  • Property Tax Abatement
  • Withholding Tax Credits
  • Site Development Assistance
  • Utility Rate Reductions
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Temporary Building Space
  • Letter Rulings