At ProVenture, we work with some of the nation’s most respected and recognized companies. They know that in working with us, they have access to best-in-class advice, actionable research, cutting-edge technology, and deep functional knowledge that creates shareholder value.


We are specialists. Not just real estate specialists; industrial specialists. By focusing exclusively on industrial real estate, we recognize what is important to industrial users. As a conduit between corporate strategy and operations, we implement real estate solutions with the distinct understanding of how factors such as timing, operational efficiency, labor quality and network design impact total landed cost.


Supply chains are international in nature. Real estate is local. Understanding this relationship and the effects of implementing dynamic global businesses into local market environments is crucial. Multi-market execution creates a decidedly unique perspective for our role as the consultant. We see trends, tenants, landlords and even other advisors, through a global lens. That perspective is a material differentiator for us.


In the last 11 years, we have completed more than 120 million square feet of bulk industrial projects. In 2015 that trend continued with 10 million square feet of industrial projects completed. We provide ongoing corporate real estate portfolio management for over 40 million square feet of industrial space worldwide. While many firms tout millions of square feet in experience, that experience is often diluted across tens, hundreds or thousands of real estate brokerage house professionals. At ProVenture, the team pitching in the board room is the team executing the business.